Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch in Hiddenbrooke!

In May of 2009 we launched an important Neighborhood Watch program in Hiddenbrooke. If you are interested in getting involved with the Hiddenbrooke Neighborhood Watch program or starting a Neighborhood Watch group on your block, go to to learn a bit more about the program and contact Ed Medina for start-up help.

It is up to us to stand together for the health and safety of Hiddenbrooke, with as little as one meting a year with your neighbors you can help make your home, your neighborhood and the entire community, a safer place.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? is a web site that provides updated information on crime statistics across the country. Click on that link to see recent reported activity in Hiddenbrooke. You can move the map around with your cursor to see what is happening anywhere in Hiddenbrooke.

Because it includes a wide spectrum of crime reports made to police agencies, the level of activity in most places looks pretty scary. Hiddenbrooke, however, compares as one of the safest communities in the Bay Area. But we have to be vigilant if we want to live in a safe and secure community. We have to take care to make our own homes less of a target and look out for our neighbors as well.


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