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The Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District (HMD) takes care of the landscape along Hiddenbrooke Parkway including the portion within Napa County and the slopes around the Plaza, the waterfall at the entrance, the gazebo park area, the toddler play area, the benches near the walnut grove, the grass along Bennington Drive and Lansdowne Place, monuments (unless they are on Golf Course land) at the entrance to individual communities, the utility corridor between Hiddenbrooke and Columbus Parkway, the open space and trails within Hiddenbrooke, and a few pockets of plantings and the open areas in the Orchards, including the walnut grove.

HMD does not maintain landscaped areas within communities that have their own HOA (such as The Village, Fairway Villas, Reflections or Summit) or the streets or light poles, or Golf Course property. Please contact them with any issues and concerns.

Other Associations in Hiddenbrooke

HMD is also responsible for maintaining the fire breaks between individual communities and the surrounding open land. See Hiddenbrooke maps for details on areas maintained by HMD.

The majority of the routine landscaping is carried out by a private company through a contract with the City of Vallejo. The landscape contracts and other work are supervised by the City of Vallejo Landscape Maintenance District (LMD), part of the Public Works Department/Engineering Division. LMD staff work with the HMD Advisory Committee (HMDAC), a sub-committee of the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association (HPOA), to address landscape issues.

An additional role for HMDAC has been to promote capital improvements to the Hiddenbrooke environment. The priorities have generally been areas that are most visible to the residents of Hiddenbrooke and in the last few years have included:

  • Removing dead grass and replacing with drought-resistant landscaping in median past the Welcome Center
  • Replacing plants that died during drought years
  • Creating the sand-pit and toddler play area at Bennington Park
  • Adding the gazebo and shade structures to the Reflections mini-park
  • Replacing aging wooden benches (that gave you splinters) with more attractive, comfortable and durable metal benches
  • Adding benches to create a wilderness viewing area at the beaver pond by the Orchards
  • Replacing the dangerous, rutted asphalt walkway along the 18th hole with a new concrete path
  • Adding new plantings and irrigation improvements along the Parkway
  • Upgrading the irrigation controllers for the toddler lot and grassy area along Bennington to reduce water consumption.
  • Slurry-sealing the walkway from the Welcome Center to the entrance
  • Improving the landscaping around the monuments in the various neighborhoods.

Currently, the Committee is focusing on a parkway rehabilitation project from the Welcome Center to the entrance.  This includes an upgrade in irrigation.

BUDGET: The HMDAC comments on the HMD budget prepared each year by the City, which typically is in the $700,000 to $800,000 range (see latest Engineers Report below). This is funded by an assessment on each parcel in Hiddenbrooke which appears on the real estate tax bill (except for the Hiddenbrooke Golf Club) which is currently $695 per developed lot. The HMDAC strives to keep expenses down to make sure that Hiddenbrooke is getting the greatest bang for the buck in terms of what we are spending.

The WELCOME CENTER is managed by a committee of volunteers from our community under the direction of the HPOA Board of Directors and is funded from the HMD budget and assessment above. The budget for the Welcome Center usually runs around $175,000, with all but $10,000 allocated to the contract with the unarmed security guard company, Universal Protection Services (UPS). The volunteers work with UPS to balance staffing and patrols and support the needs of the community. The Welcome Center is outfitted with digital cameras which record license plates of vehicles entering and leaving Hiddenbrooke, and these cameras are a helpful deterrent to crimes being committed in the community. After a resident calls 911, they should call the Welcome Center at 707-694-1530. The officers are trained in CPR and until an Ambulance and the Fire Department arrives they will be acting as good Samaritans (not trained EMTs or Paramedics). 

Please email Douglas Link at for any maintenance related issues after consulting with map below. 


Documents of Interest

Map of HMD & Golf Course Maintained Areas

January 30, 2014 Letter to City re: Support for Water Conservation


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