How big is Hiddenbrooke?

At full build-out Hiddenbrooke will have 1,221 homes located in nine different developments in the community. Included in this total are 24 vacant Custom Home lots and 84 lots in The Grove development (future development midway down the Parkway from the freeway. Hiddenbrooke is surrounded by 700 acres of permanent open space. 

Is the Hiddenbrooke Golf Club public or private?

The Hiddenbrooke Golf Club is a privately owned 18-hole championship golf course designed by Arnold Palmer and is open to the public. Golf memberships are available as well as Lifestyle Memberships for use of the pool, tennis courts, and gym.

What about the School and Community Park?

The Hiddenbrooke Park ws opened in 2015 and is managed by the Greater Vallejo Recreational District (GVRD). Although the site has been reserved for a school, there are no current plans to build a school in Hiddenbrooke.

What is the main group that is involved with the community?

All homeowners belong to the Master Association for Hiddenbrooke, the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association (HPOA). In addition, four neighborhoods have their own sub-associations: Fairway Villas, Reflections, Summit and Village.

The HPOA enforces the Hiddenbrooke Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and approves plans to alter/improve yards and various features to a home. The five (5) HPOA Board members are elected by the community for two-year terms and volunteer their time. Prior to the formation of HPOA, the Hiddenbrooke Community Association (HCA), established in 2003, was the chief organization for communicating with the City and Triad, the master developer. HCA wa also instrumental in establishing the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association in 2006 and gaining approval of the new CC&Rs. At the end of 2012 it was decided to dissove HCA and have all the different community functions transferred over to HPOA. HPOA performs its functions by collecting annual dues from all homeowners. HPOA has hired a management company to help the Board, assist with the enforcement of the CC&Rs and handle all the financial matters. Subcommittees of the Board include the Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee (HARC) and an HMD Advisory Committee to work with the City on landscaping issues.

Currently, HPOA performs a variety of tasks as shown below:

  • Monitors compliance with the community's Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Reviews and approves architectural and landscape plans
  • Works with the City of Vallejo to maintain and upgrade landscaping throughout the community
  • Works with the City on property tax relief (e.g. the Hiddenbrooke Improvement District bond tax)
  • Works with the City on various projects affecting the community as a whole such as street resurfacing, the Hiddenbrooke Park, future Roundabout at the freeway interchange, PG&E backtie project, erosion repairs to St. John's Mine Rd., etc.

What is the Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee?

Any alterations or additions to a home or landscaping require HARC approval. The Committee has five members who are appointed by the Board and who live in the community. All such projects should be submitted to HARC for approval before work begins. Unauthorized work may be subject to fines.

Most all projects on your house or front or backyards will require approval my HARC, including, but not limited to, adding/removing lawns and plants, landscape hardscape, driveways, fences, retaining or other walls, ADUs/granny units, patios and decks, pergolas, spas/pools, built-in barbeques, paint colors for houses and trim, and all plans for new Custom Homes. Please see the HARC tab on the Hiddenbrooke website for information about how to submit projects to HARC. A permit from the City will also be needed in many cases.

What are CC&Rs?

All homeowners (and renters) in Hiddenbrooke must adhere to the adopted Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) when they own a home in Hiddenbrooke. The CC&Rs are designed to keep Hiddenbrooke beautiful and well-maintained community for the enjoyment of all residents while also preserving the value of our homes. The CC&Rs were updated in 2019 via an election to address new issues and concerns as well as remove HPOA from being governed by State Davis Stirling law, a complex and expensive set of mandates for homeowner associations in California. If a resident lives in the Fairway Villas, Reflections, Summit or Village they must also comply with CC&Rs specific to those neighborhoods.

How does HPOA enforce the CC&Rs?

HPOA has hired a management company to assist the Board with its day to day operations, including enforcement of the CC&Rs. Our management company conducts monthly inspection drives throughout all areas of the community to identify possible CC&R violations and sends out Courtesy Notices to owners to correct observed violations. If not corrected, a violation can lead to a Hearing and possible monetary sanctions. Owners may also submit complaints directly to our management company for follow-up.

Can I appeal a CC&R violation?

Yes, owners always have the right to attend a Hearing with the Board and discuss why they should not be fined. There is also a form on the Hiddenbrooke website to request a Hearing or simply call the management company.

I’m a new owner. How long do I have to correct an existing CC&R Violation?

We realize that new owners may have difficulty correcting CC&R violations at a home that has not been maintained for some time or has some other major problem. The HPOA would like to see existing violations addressed within 30 days of move in, but will work with new homeowners on a case-by-case basis.

I’m a Realtor/Title company, where can I get the escrow transfer information?

For this type of information, Realtors and Title companies should contact our management company (see "Management" tab on the Hiddenbrooke website).

What is the Welcome Center?

The Welcome Center is a City-owned building manned by unarmed security guards 24/7. The HPOA hires and manages the security guards via a 20-year agreement with the City. The number to reach the guards is (707) 694-1530. If the guard is out on a vehicle patrol, your call will still reach the guard.

Who maintains the landscaped areas in Hiddenbrooke? 

The City Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District (HMD) is responsible for maintaining the landscaping at the waterfall, along the entrance road, and at various community parks (except the main Park). The HMD is the largest of the City's 26 landcape maintenance districts and is supported by our property taxes. If you see a broken or squirting sprinkler please call the HMD landscape inspector - James Olson - at (707) 649-3417 to make a report. Please provide a reference point for the broken sprinkler and time of day. The light poles have all numbers and are a good reference point.

What is planned for Hiddenbrooke in the future?

The City is working on a project to construct a Roundabout at the freeway interchange, to be completed in 2024. HPOA is working with the City to provide much needed new landscaping along the entire Hiddenbrooke Parkway from the Waterfall to the Welcome Center. HPOA has also worked with the City to correct erosion damage along St. John's Mine Road (our utility corridor) as this is an HMD responsibility. No solutions have been approved yet.


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