Board Members & Committees

Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association, Inc.

HPOA: The Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association Board ("Board") is comprised of seven elected directors serving staggered two-year terms. Directors are elected at the annual meeting which is usually held in June. The officers are selected by the directors at their first meeting after the new Directors are elected. For a list of the current board members, please click here.

HARC: The Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee is usually referred to as "HARC." Members are appointed by the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association, Inc. the CC&Rs give them the authority to approve all landscaping, home designs, and/or changes.

Committees: The Board is advised by various committees whose members are appointed by the Board.

For any issues please contact the Board at

 Click here for the calendar of HPOA and HARC meetings.

Service Providers: The Board pays for various services deemed essential to running the Association. These are OMNI Community Management (Financial Manager), CC&R enforcement (CC&R Manager), landscape and architectural review (HARC Chair). In addition, the Board has a contracted Birgit Rickert for website updates.

Disclaimer:  Information presented on this website is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of Hiddenbrooke owners, buyers and sellers by members of the mandatory Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association, Inc. While every effort is made to keep such information accurate and up-to-date, the Association does not certify the accuracy of any information that is provided on this website. We encourage all who read it to do their own research and/or obtain their own advice from their legal advisors.