About the Hiddenbrooke Community

Hiddenbrooke (Vallejo, CA) is a beautiful master-planned community in the North Bay located just off I-80 at the American Canyon/Hiddenbrooke Parkway Interchange.  The 1200 homes are surrounded by 700 acres of permanent open space, and the community includes the signature Arnold Palmer designed Hiddenbrooke Golf Course.  Minutes away from the Napa and Sonoma wine region, 30 minutes to Berkeley and Walnut Creek, and only an hour drive or ferry ride to San Francisco means residents can live outside the central Bay Area but still enjoy easy access to all its amenities. 

This website is maintained by the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association (HPOA) and includes helpful information for residents, potential new owners, and renters including the “rules” for the community (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions), architectural and landscape guidelines, information about upcoming meetings and current events, as well as many other topics.  We make every effort to keep the information current, but updates may lag a little behind changes in information. 


Reminder Please drop your HARC applications in the HPOA dropbox - the black box near the Welcome Center. If you mail your applications, be sure to plan for a little extra processing time. Also, please read the new updated Design Guidelines as you make your plans.

Realtors For Sale Signs Real Estate Signs are not permitted on Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District property which includes both sides and the middle of the Hiddenbrooke Parkway from the Waterfall to almost the Club House, the Bennington Park, Reflections Park, Lansdowne and Waterfall/Rush Creek Place green belts. Signs are never permitted in front of the Waterfall (CC&Rs Section 4.1.30). Illegal signs may be removed or laid on the ground. If time permits, the real estate office or the homeowner may be called so they can retrieve the sign. This rule is also enforced by the City of Vallejo. Not more than one “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign per Lot of reasonable dimensions is allowed pursuant to the CC&Rs.


Vote! Vote! Vote! Ballots for new Governing Documents due September 14, 2019

Need a new ballot? HPOA will deliver one to your door. Just send an email to the Board at hpoaboard@hiddenbrookehpoa.org

June 20 Annual Meeting Slide Presentation

Director Election Report from June 20, 2019

Officer Positions as voted by the Directors

Upcoming Meetings

HPOA Board:  Sept 19, 2019 at 7:30pm Palmer Room
HARC: Sept 9 7:00 pm

CC&R and Bylaws Update:

Why you should vote "Yes"

Response to Comments

Quick Reference Guide to Key Changes

FINAL Amended CC&Rs 

FINAL Amended Bylaws

FINAL Amended Articles of Incorporation

CC&R Workshop Slide Presentation

Questions? Email the Board at hpoaboard@hiddenbrookehpoa.org


Other CC& R Information

CC&R and Design Guidelines Survey March 2019

Click here for recent survey results 

Thank you again, everyone, for your participation!

Jan 23 Board Meeting slide presentation (First Draft of CC&Rs and Bylaws)

Oct 16 Board Meeting slide presentation (Sterling Act, Changes to CC&Rs)







Updated Design Guidelines - to see the current Design Guidelines, see HARC tab

Disaster Preparedness Plan

August 2018 Community Survey - thank you for your participation!


Click here to read the latest issue of the Hiddenbrooke Times

Please click here for Safety/Security Guidelines

Landscape Maintenance Issues

Not sure who to call for any landscape related issues? The person to contact varies depending on which neighborhood you live in. Please consult maps first. If your home is located within areas maintained by the City of Vallejo, call Birgit Rickert (707) 853-0702 who will communicate your concerns to the LMD Inspector of Vallejo. Thank you.