Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee (HARC)The Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee is referred to as HARC.  The CC&Rs give HARC the authority to approve all landscaping, home designs and/or changes. Any improvements to the exterior of your home, the front or back yards, or building a custom home must first go to HARC for approval. HARC reviews these improvements for consistency with the Design Guidelines (see below) for the Hiddenbrooke Community. Construction can not begin without HARC approval, and HARC has the authority to issue Cease and Desist letters if there is unauthorized construction going on and to recommend fines.HARC meets monthly, and has 30 days to review and approve applications.  Members are appointed by the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association, Inc. and serve alternating 2-year terms.  If you are interested in joining the HARC, please contact harc@hiddenbrookehpoa.org and include relevant experience. The HARC meeting calendar may be found here.If you are living in one of the four HOAs in the community (Fairway Villas, Reflections, Summit, or Village) you will need to submit your plans to the HOA first, and then to HARC for approval. Click here for the Important Information document that lists contact information for the HOAs.The HARC meets monthly (click here for calendar), but the meeting time can change to accommodate the members and/or presenters. HARC's email address: harc@hiddenbrookehpoa.org.   For a summary of HARC’s Policies and Disclosures and guidelines, go to page 20 of this document.  Here are some of the basics for working with the Hiddenbrooke Design Guidelines as currently adopted. Complete information on these topics may be found in Appendix B (updated July 18, 2017) of the Design Guidelines. 

  • Trees: Select trees carefully considering their size at maturity and views from other homes. Redwood trees, Palm trees, and banana trees are not allowed. Do NOT trim or remove City trees without City approval.
  • Hardscape should maintain mandated setbacks from property lines and shouldn’t cover more than 50% of the yard.  Hardscape should not extend over the City easement (typically the first six feet of front yard from the street) without City approval. Drainage should be designed to lead to the street, but remember that cutting through a City curb requires a permit from the City of Vallejo. 
  • Rock and Bark should be kept to a minimum and used only to enhance the landscaping, rather than replace the landscaping.  White rock is never permitted nor is Ruby Red Bark. Please be aware that bark needs to be replenished at least every other year.
  • Cement Guidelines for Driveways: The Design Guidelines include limits on the amount of cement that can be added next to driveways, and the CC&Rs do not allow for cement pads next to driveways to be used for parking cars.
  • Backyard patios should not be all cement. There should be some planting areas around the perimeter with irrigation running to these areas.
  • Fence Stain: To assist homeowners, HARC has pre-approved specific stain colors. As long as a pre-approved color is chosen, HARC approval is not required.
  • Mailboxes that are replaced need to blend with the surrounding boxes, particularly when on the same pole. There are guidelines as to the size and shape of mailboxes, click here for samples.
  • Sheds should be screened from the street and golf course. Colored tarps are not permitted.
  • Other: If you have a golf course home and want to keep animals out, HARC has chosen an approved kind of utility netting that is least obtrusive for home and golf course views.
  • Holiday lights must come down within specified time periods.

HARC Applications -You will need Adobe Reader to open pdf files .Complete the appropriate application below, and attach a check made payable to the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association, Inc. for the appropriate amount.  **APPLICATIONS MAY BE DROPPED IN THE HPOA BLACK BOX NEAR THE WELCOME CENTER**Always check Appendix B of the Design Guidelines before submitting your application.Landscape/Home Additions/Enhancements Application - $50 FeePreliminary Architectural Approval - custom home - $150 FeeBy Submittal Step two, it is the owner’s responsibility to notify owners within 500 feet of the proposed construction and provide HARC with proof of mailing. Final Architectural Approval - custom home (Fee Paid above)Hiddenbrooke Design Guidelines Landscape Design Guidelines - Summary For detailed Landscape Information, you can download Chapter 5, below.Design Guidelines Approved May 1999Chapter 1-3 -- Table of Contents - Neighborhood IdentityChapter 4 -- Architectural GuidelinesChapter 5 -- Landscape GuidelinesChapter 6 -- Recommended Plant MaterialChapter 7 -- Submittal and Approval Process (click here for process updates)Appendix A -- Monuments, FencingAppendix B -- Guidelines for Homeowners Related HARC ItemsBarking Dogs - Vallejo Noise Ordinance informationHouse NumbersLawn and Plant CareRepainting Houses and FencesWeed AbatementDisclaimer:  Information presented on this website is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of Hiddenbrooke owners, buyers and sellers by members of the mandatory Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association, Inc. While every effort is made to keep such information accurate and up-to-date, the Association does not certify the accuracy of any information that is provided on this website. We encourage all who read it to do their own research and/or obtain their own advice from their legal advisors.

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